Producers Martin Terefe and Camus Celli Open Kensaltown East Studios in NYC

Acclaimed producer-songwriters Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Mike Posner) and Camus Celli (David Byrne, Tina Turner, Gavin DeGraw) have opened Kensaltown East, a 10,000 square foot creative hub in the heart of New York City’s Union Square. Inspired by the rich heritage of the NYC studios of old, the partners hope to extend that legacy and help fuel the community’s burgeoning renaissance of art and culture.

Like its sister studios Kensaltown London and ATLANTIS Studio Stockholm, Kensaltown East offers an exceptional environment for recording artists. Award-winning designer Martin Pilchner designed the studios with a focus on comfort, creativity and sonic integrity. Writing, podcasting and video editing suites are also available.

“New York has been my creative soul’s home for many years. Since my first pilgrimage as a teenager to see John Scofield play in the late 80’s, to signing my first label deal with Epic Records in 1997 and the dozens of visits since – the city, the artists and the friends I’ve made along the way are part of the texture of my life,” explains Martin Terefe. “When my longtime friend Camus Celli told me that he’d found the perfect place for building a Kensaltown Studio just off Union Square - there was no doubt! I see Kensaltown East as a new adventure, a central place to direct the synergies of my music projects from around the world and connect the dots with Camus and the amazing emerging art and music scene that is coming to life in New York City right now.”

Camus Celli adds, “We saw a renaissance in the NYC creative community happening and wanted to have a space that supported the new generation. It comes in waves, post 911 / Yeah Yeah Yeahs / the Strokes, etc. Now Kensaltown is at the center of the next wave of NYC culture and it's really inspiring.”

Jamie Woon, Billy Porter, Josh Groban, Jaboukie, Q and Jason Mraz & Raining Jane were among the first artists to work at Kensaltown East, which has also welcomed 347 Aidan, Holly Humberstone, Ellery Harper, Elaine and Sam Hollander for writing sessions.

Studio One features a vintage 1974 API Aengus from Indigo Ranch, vintage analog synths and access to a private lounge. Studio Two, with Artist in Residence Alex Tumay, is the perfect space for mixing. Studio Three – run by Resident ATMOS Engineer S. Vaughan Merrick, a two-time GRAMMY® winner – is NYC’s premier Dolby ATMOS mix room, built in partnership with PMC, Dolby and Sony 360. It’s available for ATMOS listening sessions, writing sessions and tracking. Kensaltown East’s chef is available to create meals catered to clients’ tastes and dietary needs.

About Martin Terefe

Martin began his career at the age of 15 when he signed his first publishing deal in his native Sweden. He has now been making music for over 30 years as an artist, songwriter, musician and producer.