New Toys: Baby Audio BA-1 Synth

I could be wrong: the new Baby Audio BA-1 synthesizer was inspired by the Yamaha CS01, a 32-key synth that came out in the mid-'80s. Another underappreciated synth from that time and, as I remember them, the new Baby Audio BA-1 has it beat on so many different levels immediately! 

It has a second modeled oscillator and FM polyphony, but keeps the original's basic sound and analog-modeled filter with all the attendant issues like any actual hardware filter. It keeps the original's envelope generator and LFO sections and adds a sync-able LFO to BPM mode. Because it is a software instrument, you get over 500 presets that you can tweak quickly to your purposes and then save them. While the original synth was monophonic only and mostly used as single-note melody lines or high string lines, the BA-1 is switchable to polyphonic, has a resizable GUI, and you can change the front panel's color. The original plastic synth was only a boring gray color.

I do like the Re-Gen button that, when pushed, acts like a randomizer, parameters change but are musically usable in the same general category as the originally selected patch. So, if you have a sustaining pad selected, clicking on Re-Gen keeps it usable and does not turn it into space junk.

Check out Baby Audio's BA-1 for a cool little synth that has many presets to take you back. The BA-1 v1.1 synth sells for $99 MSRP and comes with even more new presets.