The Plot in You

Signing Story: The Plot In You

Formed in 2010, metalcore band The Plot in You has worked with four labels over its eight-year career. Their latest deal is with L.A.-based Fearless Records, following a one-and-done record with Stay Sick Recordings. Several labels expressed interest in the veteran band once they became available but ultimately the members chose to sign with Fearless for a variety of reasons

“They know what they’re doing and care about their bands,” says founder and vocalist Landon Tewers. “They’re very hands-on, involved in everything. It’s different than any label experience we’ve ever had. They knew a lot about us and our visions lined up well. That was the biggest thing for us. In the past, we’ve had bad communication [with labels].

“Before [Fearless], we’d signed a one-record deal with Stay Sick,” Tewers continues. “Once that was fulfilled, Fearless approached us. We talked with a couple other labels trying to weigh-out our options. Some of the offers were decent, but nothing that was worth giving over the rights to everything. We even considered self-releasing material for a while. But Fearless had a good vision for us and had a lot to offer things we couldn’t do on our own.”

With eight years of experience in a band contracted to four labels, Tewers has gained some key industry insights. “Be cautious about what you sign,” he urges. “Don’t go for the first bite that comes your way. Usually they’ll lowball you out of your excitement and desire to do music for a living. I’ve seen so many friends get in bad contracts and it ruins their career or they have to suffer through a few years of a bad deal. For touring, invest in a reliable van. We went through three or four in the first year. And let good businessmen handle the finances. You’re just a bunch of kids and can wind up in a lot of debt.”

Dispose, The Plot in You’s maiden release with Fearless, drops on Feb. 16. Tour plans include Western Europe and Australia.

Date Signed: June 2017
Label: Fearless Records
Band Members: Landon Tewers, vocals; Josh Childress, guitar; Ethan Yoder, bass; Mathis Arnell, drums.
Type of Music: Metalcore
Management: Cody Grup, Andrew Jarrin - Royal Division Entertainment, [email protected]
Booking: Eric Powell - Spotlight Touring, [email protected]; Marco Walzel - Avocado Booking, [email protected]
Legal: N/A
Publicity: [email protected], 310-730-6655
Web: theplotinyou.com
A&R: Cody Demavivas