Percussive Arts Society

Perform at the Percussive Arts Society's International Convention

Apply to perform at the Percussive Arts Society's 2020 International Convention (PASIC) in front of thousands of musicians, students, educators and enthusiasts.

Your application will be judged on the substance, excellence and completeness of your presentation. Be prepared and thorough when taking the time to fill out the application. Take advantage of all the opportunities to provide the selection committee as much material and variety of examples as possible including music, bio and website information.

Do not submit duplicate proposals that have different titles or submitted under different Categories or Session Types but which all share the same application information. This likely means that the information you are submitting is too general to support any of your proposals.

Do not assume that the addition of an unconfirmed high-profile guest artist will influence the review committees. If you are applying for a session, it will be the thoroughness and content of your proposal that will be under review.

Find the application form here.