cd baby diy musician conference photo jody domingue

Perform at the DIY Musician Conference

The CD Baby DIY Musician Conference kicks off with a big party at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge, where they’ll be hosting an open mic for attendees to share their music with what promises to be a big crowd. The event was packed last year, and the artists performing represented genres including folk and pop/rock as well as zydeco and hip-hop.

To play the open mic as an attendee you will need a ticket, but you’ll also need to buy that ticket by July 31 to be eligible to secure your advance slot. (There will be random names drawn from those wishing to participate during the event, as well, but no guarantees you will be able to play.) CD Baby will be emailing ticket holders at the beginning of August with sign-up info.

They are also offering one band a chance to be part of Tom Jackson’s Band Makeover. Artists will be able to go on stage with Jackson as he coaches them through making their performance even stronger.

They’re looking for a four or five piece band with each of the following:
• Lead singer (doesn't have to play an instrument, but it's okay if he/she does.)
• Lead guitar player
• Keyboard player or a second guitar player
• Bass player
• Drummer

If interested to play at the conference, email [email protected] with a link to a live performance.

**Tickets for the 2016 DIY Musician Conference are on sale right now for only $99, but this price won’t last.

Photo by Jody Domingue

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit diymusiciancon.com.