Pat Todd Can't Do Without His Gibson J-200 Acoustic Guitar

Rankoutsider and former Lazy Cowgirl Pat Todd told us about his beloved Gibson, plus his Encore briefcase.

Pat Todd: I can’t do without my black Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar, and my Encore Briefcase.

I’ve had both for over 20 years. I’ve written almost every song Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders have recorded on this guitar. For me, it’s been the best tool and biggest musical inspiration I’ve ever owned!

My Encore Briefcase carries almost my whole creative life everywhere I go, and have gone for over 20 years: Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and the U.S.A.--it would be hard to live without either of these life-long tools of the trade!

Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders' album Keepin' Chaos at Bay is out now.