PAMA, Shure Award Audio Scholarships

The Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA), in partnership with Shure Incorporated, has announced the first recipients of the Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship. Brunner, a long-time Shure executive, a past president of PAMA and a leading voice in the professional audio community, had an unwavering passion for education and mentorship throughout his career. The $2,000 scholarship is offered annually to students worldwide who are pursuing an education in professional audio.

The 2021 Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship recipients are Emma Brooks from Berklee College of Music and Dennis Freeman from Middle Tennessee State University.

Emma Brooks has completed two years of a four-year program in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee. She is currently a Music Studio Enablement intern at Dolby Laboratories and a former sales associate at Guitar Center in Boston. Passionate about analog and digital audio and the roles of physics, architectural acoustics, and room design, Brooks wants to put her growing knowledge to use toward consumer advocacy, pushing the innovation envelope and preserving the integrity of iconic systems.

Dennis Freeman has completed one year of a four-year program in Audio Production at Middle Tennessee State University. Freeman was an honors student at a high school for creative and performing arts where he played the tuba and trombone. Upon graduation, Freeman wants to create a youth program in Memphis for kids who want to learn audio skills. Commenting on receiving the scholarship, he said, “My only wish is that I can find a way to effectively use this opportunity to provide a different and more positive approach to life for the future youth of Memphis, Tennessee.”

Echoing Freeman’s sentiments, Brooks stated, “Thank you to PAMA and Shure for this fantastic opportunity and for your investment in the future of professional audio. Mark's life of advocacy, education, and leadership in the industry is inspiring; I am honored to be a part of this legacy. I greatly appreciate the support of both companies as I continue my audio education."

On behalf of PAMA, Chris Regan, chair of the board of directors, stated, “I know Mark would be extremely happy with the two recipients of this year’s scholarship in his name. One of Mark’s passions was to educate and mentor, always sharing his knowledge and wisdom with so many people throughout his career. Presenting Emma and Dennis with this scholarship is our way of honoring Mark’s legacy while supporting and hopefully jumpstarting their careers.”

“Mark was very passionate about giving back to the industry and the community, so it’s an honor to be able to provide this scholarship in his name to help support our next generation of leaders,” said Chris Schyvinck, President and CEO of Shure.

A former President of PAMA from 2011-2013, Brunner provided a consistent voice to the strategic direction of PAMA and its role in advancing the professional audio industry. Mark joined Shure in 1989 and during his tenure held several key positions, including Director of Advertising and Managing Director of the Musical Instrument and Touring Sound business unit. Most recently, Mark was Vice President of Global Corporate & Government Relations, where he worked on numerous industry issues, including the FCC rules for wireless device operation/frequency, spectrum allocation, and lobbied to protect the wireless microphone market sector. Additionally, he was a prominent member of The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Manufacturers Council, where he frequently shared his views on legislative wireless white space and broadband issues as well as other related industry matters.

Individuals and companies interested in supporting the Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship fund may donate via the PAMA website herePAMA is appreciative of all donations that honor Mark’s legacy and support students pursuing careers in the professional audio industry.

For more information, go to pamalliance.org/scholarship.