Paisley and Underwood Sued

brad-paisley-carrie-underwoodA federal judge ruled that a song-theft lawsuit against country superstars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood over their duet “Remind Me” could move forward. Judge Aleta Trauger ruled that songwriter Amy Bowen, who performs as Lizza Connor, has established a plausible claim of copyright infringement by performers Paisley, Underwood and songwriters John Kelley Lovelace and Charles DuBois.

However, Trauger was clear that the court was not ruling as a matter of law that the defendants infringed on Bowen’s copyright.

According to Bowen’s complaint, in 2007 she wrote a song called “Remind Me” and then went on to perform it during a country music songwriting workshop at which Lovelace and DuBois were advisers. Bowen alleges that Lovelace, DuBois and Paisley went on to write a song also called “Remind Me” in late 2010 or 2011.

The parties “knowingly and willfully copied and prepared unauthorized and infringing derivative works” of her song, the suit states.