ORIGIN – Next Generation Analog Studio Console

ORIGIN combines the E-Series EQ and SSL Bus Compressor with brand new PureDrive mic-pre, environmentally friendly power handling and a host of hybrid workflow enhancements. ORIGIN is a good partner for a modern DAW-driven production studio.

Its design looks back to the origin of in-line consoles for signal flow inspiration, incorporating analogue developments to deliver a sonic signature that’s still unmistakably SSL. ORIGIN is more than just the culmination of four decades of technical innovation.

The SSL consoles of the '70s and '80s helped define studio production. ORIGIN takes these principles and combines them with a modern feature-set that bridges the gap between digital production and analogue console workflow. Including 'stem ready' 0dB fader bypass, insert points on both small and large fader, new PureDrive mic-pre featuring a non-linear Drive circuit, good for digital systems and updated SSL Bus Compressor.

The master control section is the heart of the console, designed with easily accessible features and tools needed for fast and creative session flow. ORIGIN's master control section features 12U of rack space, allowing the modular 6U master tile to be repositioned, creating space for software controllers, a computer keyboard or additional outboard processing.