chasing shadows

New Music Critique: Chasing Shadows

Musicianship 8

Chasing Shadows bring a strong indie-rock attack to bear on a collection of solid if not exactly great songs. Best of all is singer-guitarist Sam Roberts, whose voice on “Warning Signs” really cuts through the appropriately trebly production and exudes plenty of character. We get a Catfish & the Bottlemen vibe on “Life,” which is an upbeat, midtempo rocker where Roberts intones “life is not what you thought it would be.” Our favorite song by the band is “Crawling Back to Me” whose solid chorus and echoplexed vocals are a winning combo. Perhaps some sort of backup vocals would give the chorus even more impact? In any case, these Welshmen are a promising bunch. Keep working!

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Label
Style: Indie Rock/Pop