NMC Artist: Seeds?


Production: 8
Lyrics: X
Music: 8
Vocals: X
Musicianship: 8
SCORE: 8.0

Contact: [email protected]
Web: weareseeds.life
Seeking: Film/TV, Games, Publishing
Style: "Future Lounge/ Electrolite"

Essentially a brainy electronic instrumental project, Seeds? are quite adept at conjuring a catchy theme and then delivering variations upon it to keep the listener engaged. Case
in point: “Citrus Escapades”––perfect for a Japanese role-playing game, this composition is fueled by richly toned drums and synths that morph from spacey and moody to lite and rubbery. Terrifically cinematic. A bit less catchy overall are “Connecting the
 Dots” and “Valley of Enlightenment,” both of which add spoken-word parts that reinforce the intellect behind the music. The latter features some funky/jazzy guitar lines and playfully injects nature effects (pond frogs, running water). Music libraries would do well to check this group out.

Seeds? - "Citrus Escapades"