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EMP Label Group Launches Imprint Label for Heavier, Underground Music Artists

EMP Label Group, the label founded by Megadeth’s David Ellefson, has announced the formation of EMP Underground, an imprint that will release and distribute underground music from more “underground, extreme and subversive artists.” Says Operations manager and EMP Underground co-founder Thöm Hazaërt, “A lot of the stuff we have been signing to EMP has been more hard rock and mainstream metal, and we wanted to create an outlet for signing some of the amazing heavier/weirder/more extreme underground music artists that have been coming to us, without all the pressure of the big releases on EMP. And that’s exactly what we’ve created with EMP Underground.”

He adds, “We have found some great releases, and we get so many amazing submissions from the heavier end of the spectrum, and David and I talked and we really wanted to create an outlet for some of this other stuff that didn’t necessarily fit on EMP proper.”

Distributed via eOne and SPV, the first signings to the imprint include Thrash metal stalwarts (and former Megadeth label-mates) Helstar, who will release their debut single “Black Cathedral” through the label on April 9, from their upcoming LP Vampiro, a continuation of their acclaimed 1989 Metal Blade release Nosferatu. The LP will be mixed by legendary Metal producer Bill Metoyer who also Produced and Mixed Nosferatu. Says Helstar’s James Rivera, “It’s great to go back and revisit the themes from one of our classic albums, and kinda carry that on into the future, and it’s something it seems the fans are very excited about. And to be able to release it with my old buddy David Ellefson, on such a powerhouse label, makes it that much better.”

Also on deck is the upcoming release from L.A.’s Skumlove, who will release Sinister Minister June 6. The album features a barrage of guest appearances including Tommy Victor (Prong), Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), Tony Campos (Static-X, Fear Factory, Ministry) with Remixes by Jay Gordon (Orgy), Jon Fryer (Nine Inch Nails/Depeche Mode/This Mortal Coil) and more.

Rounding out the lineup are thug metal group Solus Deus, a project featuring ex Bleed the Sky guitarist Wayne Miller, ex-Bleed the Sky/Chimaira drummer Austin D’Amond and former Evanescence/Living Sacrifice member Rocky Gray, who will release their debut EP The Plague in May.

For more information, visit emplabelgroup.com