NEW TOYS: Soundevice Digital/United Plug-ins' Pluralis

Pluralis is a stereo delay plug-in with four operating modes named: Left/Right, Low/Hi, Quiet/Loud, and Mid/Side. Once you discover and learn how these modes work, you will be sufficiently intrigued to try them all out.

I use Pluralis as an insert processor—even for the Left/Right mode for two completed separate delays with individual modulation sections to automatically vary the left and right delays. I liked the Filter displays for the left and right outputs with 'mouse-able', 6dB/octave HP and LP levers—these graphics hint at Pluralis intricate possibilities.

Low/Hi mode splits the two delays by frequency like a Tilt equalizer except more extreme. I used 700Hz for a Rickenbacker electric 12-string guitar part with only 1.8ms on the left side and 3.1ms on the right side. Delay times up to 10-seconds are available and delay is also adjustable in musical notation and subdivisions for syncing to specific tempos.

Quiet/Loud is a way to split the two delays by volume stated in dB. In this mode the Crossover control indicates at what level the left or right delay's output is heard. I used a mono to stereo instance on a lead vocal where I wanted 1/8-note delay only on the louder singing and also maintain a short delay only on the softer singing. I moved the track's pan pots inward plus the plug-in has separate Gain controls so you can get the delay level just right. 

Finally, Mid/Side mode worked well for true stereo pads. The Pan pots are grayed out because now Crossover varies the delays between the Mid and Side components of stereo sound. I liked being able to put a short delay only on the Side component.

Pluralis from Soundevices Digital sells for $99 I think it is awesome but could use separate Mute buttons for the two outputs and the Crossover control should just be a simple visual horizontal fader.