New Toys: Nugen Audio SigMod

SigMod is a must-have utility plug-in for setting up customized processes that are either not available, poorly implemented or don't work the way you want. SigMod is now updated with a resizable GUI and the ability to start with a single module and then build out large chains by adding more modules as needed.

Signal flow across SigMod's GUI is from the left Input module towards the right Output module. There are bypass buttons for each section and clicking on a "+" button allows the insertion of any module from a drop-down list of 13 modules.

There are: Mid-Side both encode and decode processing; Mute/Solo for muting or soloing only part of a plug-in chain; Phase or polarity inversion; Mono combines the L/R or M/S signals; Switch toggles channel order; and Delay adds a programmable amount of delay in milliseconds (up to 4 seconds), samples, or locked to session tempo.

I used Delay in samples to time-align two snare drum tracks to fire together. There is the Trim module for inserting +/- gain offsets; and Split allows for dividing or branching the signal chain in two streams for separate and different processing.

There are also good utility modules that keep your audio level in spec and/or to fix problems. The Protect module mutes the output signal when a specified level is exceeded. The DC Offset module can detect a DC voltage riding on the audio, and the Crossover module opens up a lot processing ideas such as setting up a multiband processor using the Tap module to "pick off" audio for parallel processing.

Lastly, the Insert Module is great for inserting VST2, VST3 or AU processor plug-ins into a SigMod chain running in AAX in Pro Tools. This along is worth buying SigMod!

Nugen Audio SigMod is pretty valuable for extending the capability of your DAW by adding simple processing points and controls. I can highly recommend it to all. It sells for $49 MSRP.