Close Up: Duke Rashkow

Duke Rashkow


Carrying on a Family Tradition in Audio: Duke Rashkow’s passion for making music and working in the audio business came naturally as the son of Mikie Harris. She was a first-call New York backup singer, Epic Records artist and major label producer. Duke’s father, a songwriter, recording engineer and producer named Mike Rashkow, wrote the hit song “Mary in the Morning,” recorded by everyone from Elvis, to Glen Campbell. Duke Rashkow started recording with his dad when he was eight and began his career as a guitarist in several alt-metal bands before launching his multi-faceted career in audio as a live sound assistant, then front-of-house mixer for a radio-sponsored series of music cruises around New York Harbor and several prominent N.Y.C. venues.

From Studio Owner to Vice News Tonight: From 1998 to 2001, Rashkow was the chief engineer and co-owner of a studio at Funkadelic Rehearsal studio complex, building his room with the help of Walter Sear and Fred Kevorkian of Sear Sound, who served as consultants. He managed a seven-member studio team and recorded over 50 CDs while doing pre-production for major and indie artists. Later, while building and wiring studios for people on the side, Rashkow—while still playing in various bands—moved into the live sports broadcast world where he spent years as a two-time Emmy-winning audio assistant working on remote shoots for professional sports teams on behalf of CBS, ESPN, NBC, etc. He also did freelance live sound mixing and Music A2 at N.Y.C. venues and TV studios for artists as diverse as Ed Sheeran, Train, Joe Bonamassa, Ke$ha, Ariana Grande, Butch Walker, Andy Summers and Chris Isaak, among others. Since 2016, he’s been an A1 audio mixer and audio assistant on Vice News, Vice Media’s current affairs channel that produces daily documentary essays and videos through its website, YouTube channel and tiktok. 

Seeking Artists to Develop and Produce: Currently working out of his home studio setups in Brooklyn and New Jersey, Rashkow is currently scouting for a unique pop/rock artist to develop and produce for a spec deal that he can then shop to label contacts. As much as he’s loved working the worlds of sports and news, music is his real passion and his goal is still to help facilitate artists and produce a hit record. 

For these endeavors, Rashkow draws on his extensive studio experience producing indie artists and engineering for members of Drowning Pool, Rollins Band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 24/7 Spyz and Genesis/Brand X, Abe Fogle, Rob Thomas’ Band and Italian popstar GALA. Rashkow is in the midst of recording a solo project of original songs that features him playing guitars, bass and keys, along with various guests.  

Home with Studio Up For Sale: Looking to relocate to more tropical climes, the Florida native is considering selling his home in Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ, an exclusive rural community with a country aesthetic located an hour and 15 minutes from Manhattan and 20 minutes from the Mountain Creek Ski Resort. 

Contact Duke Rashkow, [email protected]