New Toys: Donner DMK 25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Donner DMK 25 is a plug n' play USB-C powered MIDI controller with 25 velocity-sensitive keys, eight backlit drum pads and six transport buttons. Great for carrying around, this compact keyboard/controller fits in a backpack easily and is useful for beat makers, songwriters, producers, and musicians.

I like the fast-responding octave up/down touch pads for quickly finding the correct octave and the pitch bending and modulation controllers that are not mechanical wheels like most controllers. These are touch pads that automatically return to center position for the pitch bend while the modulation stays where you leave it. I like the mod pad especially for triggering the Leslie speaker on my favorite Hammond B3 instrument.

The eight drum pads, six transport keys, four small faders, and four small knobs can be assigned to send Control Change (CC) messages using the keyboard itself—no software required.

Complete instructions for programming are available on Youtube. There are four programmable memory banks for instant recall of personal control preferences.

I have been using the DMK 25 in place of another small 25-Key MIDI controller and I like the feel of the DMK better, plus I prefer the four small faders rather than knobs for MIDI volume moves and dialing in filters when playing keyboards. I'm giving a big thumbs up from me on the Donner DMK 25. It sells for $109 MSRP.