New Toys: Austrian Audio OC707 Handheld Condenser Mic

Made in Vienna, Austria, the OC707 is a handheld stage mic with a rugged die-cast body that uses their OCC7 condenser capsule—a true condenser element inspired by their legendary CK1 capsule. The OCC7 capsule is handmade and has the design goal of a combination of low self-noise (19 dB SPL) and high SPL capability (150 dB SPL) resulting in an impressive dynamic range perfect—especially for any stage vocalist. It has a three-micron thick, gold-coated polyethylene naphthalene diaphragm that is more robust than a conventional Mylar film diaphragm.

All the new Austrian Audio microphones used their Open Acoustics Technology that allows sound to enter the capsule unblocked from all sides resulting in resonance-free reproduction. The OC707 is a super-cardioid mic with excellent off-axis rejection and maximum suppression of feedback.

There is an on-mic switchable 120Hz, 2nd order high-pass filter (6dB/octave) that takes care of the proximity bass buildup for singers who get too close—who tend to "eat" the mic. The 3D Pop Noise Diffusor will keep plosives to a minimum as well as the noise from handling, bumps, and excessive stage rumble.

The Austrian Audio OC707 comes with a carrying case and professional mic clip and sells for $429 MAP.