New Toys: Artiphon Orba Synthesizer

Orba is a $99 portable synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller that fits in the palm of your hand. This is the perfect controller for the itinerant, “on the go” music producer who uses their phone and Orba to work on songs and beats and then takes a break to play video games.

Orba is small and fits into a jacket pocket; there are eight touchpads that are programmable to detect a variety of gestures like tapping, sliding and vibrato. Inside, an additional set of motion sensors allow waving, tilting and shaking Orba for more sounds and effects.

Orba has a built-in looper/sequencer for creating songs using multiple sounds and distinct playing modes such as Drum, Bass, Chord and Lead. It can play sounds on its own with its internal synth and small speaker or back home, connect wirelessly to mobile devices and computers via USB and Bluetooth MIDI. Orba works with iOS, Mac, Windows and Android, and is compatible with all major recording software including GarageBand®, Logic Pro X®, Pro Tools®, Ableton Live® and FL Studio.

Orba joints Artiphon’s Instrument 1 as the company’s second smart multi-instrument. What an awesome idea!