NEW TOYS: API 312 Microphone Preamp

Originally offered in the early 1970s, API founder Saul Walker designed his first microphone preamp called the 312. This microphone preamp was used in his first API recording console; only the gain control knob was available on each channel strip/module. Now available as a 500 module, the new API 312 has the exact same circuit with a 2520 op-amp and both API 2516 input and API 2503 output transformers. This preamp design is also used in API’s 3124V, the 3124MV, and the A2D products.

The API 312 features a maximum of 69dB of microphone gain, a -20dB attenuator pad, and a 3:1 output transformer switch. Like the API 512c model, the 3:1 switch selects a different tap on the output transformer to lower the throughput gain by about 12dB.

You can see this gain change on the cute little vintage-style VU meter with its own peak LED. Being able to lower the output gain allows you to drive the preamp harder towards clip yet, still adjust a proper output level.

The API 312 sells for $795 MSRP and backed by API’s unique Five-Year Warranty.

See the product here.