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New Music Critiques: Sam Williams


It’s fun to hear an artist work out his passions on recordings such as these, which are demo quality at best. A devotee of pop-rock of the ‘60s––mainly early Beatles––singer/songwriter Sam Williams nails the reflexes and inflections that makes the young Fab Four so endearing. “Farewell and Goodbye” is a good example, and it evinces the early rockers’ (Buddy Holly) habit of combining downbeat lyrics with an upbeat tune. “Gone for Good” adds a bit of early Who energy, and again it’s a kick to hear Williams attack the mic. Though he’s not a studied singer, you can’t knock him for his spirit and enthusiasm. If Williams can one day match his passion with production polish, he’ll be something to behold.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: samwilliamsmusic.net

Seeking: Film/TV, Distribution, Publicity
Style: ‘60s Pop

Sam Williams - "Gone For Good"

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