new music critiques: Mom Rock


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Web: momrockofficial.com

Seeking: Label, Management
Style: Rock

Salvos of power pop-rock are generated by this band whose catchy and uber-melodic attack is consistent and pleasing, with vocals that are consistenly crisp and clear.  There’s the fun, light, dancey “My Way,” with its fast, upbeat, breathily chanted chorus. “It’s a Real Tough Life” is a breezy tune with some ska in its chemistry. And its chorus is powered by a wonderful gang chant while the band delivers a dose of straightahead rock with a heavy bassline that’s peppered with numerous high-energy shouts. All in all, we’d say that fans of the Hives, the Strokes, and the White Stripes will warm to Mom Rock’s music. One thing is certain: this is an especially tight, precise band that knows what it is about.