New Music Critiques JRS

New Music Critiques: JRS


A self-produced trio of instro themes from guitarist Jeffrey Ryan Smoots (JRS), Meditations for Robots offers quasi sci-fi soundscapes that have kinetic, cinematic potential. There’s “Meditations 02” with its dark, throbbing undercurrent and prog-rock reflexes. “03” has more uplifting tones and sunny, relaxing, expansive synth progressions that suggest a glorious glide over sun-dappled realms. And “04” whose percolating 8-bit bed and soaring, triumphant guitar licks achieve a satisfying balance.

Wisely, Smoots’ recordings are all about the music––not self-indulgent musicianship. Musically, his themes are solidly cinematic and seem to be particularly suited to indie (as opposed to mainstream) video games.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: jrsmoots.com
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Instrumental Rock

JRS - "Meditations For Robots 04"

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