new music critiques John Thayer

New Music Critiques: John Thayer


Though we're split on the merits of John Thayer's mannered raspiness, we all
 admire the pop-rock harmonies he achieves on his well-produced and craftily composed songs. What strikes you is his versatility, with each song exuding a markedly different feel: “Face to Face” rises to a critical mass of dreamy voice and guitar blends with a solid chorus hook. Much heavier and darker is “Not Afraid,” which Thayer
 sings with a brooding confidence.

“Really Doesn’t Matter” rides a jangly melancholy that’s a dead ringer for Tom Petty. In fact, it is the sound-alike quality of that recording, together with Thayer’s ability to craft polished, versatile pop songs, that indicate he’s well cut out for film/TV work.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: johnthayermusic.com
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Indie Pop

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