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New Music Critiques: Chuck Murphy


Chuck Murphy benefits from an expert crew of musicians who are incredibly well-miked to capture the rustic appeal of the instruments (mandolin, pedal steel, slide, organ). His recordings glow with an earnest warmth––confidently old-school and comfortable, with a gentle, amblin’ pace.

Easygoing songs such as “Falling Star” convey the lyrics’ yearning, high-lonesome theme and the lofty, wide-open desert setting. The high quality of this band, however, renders Murphy’s less-resonant voice a liability in comparison. Still, there’s no denying the amiable honesty and genuine humanity in this music and we see no reason why, given the proper setting, this artist wouldn’t be able to win over a crowd.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/chuck-murphy-3
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Americana/Country

Chuck Murphy - "Falling Star"

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