The Hip Abduction new music critiques

New Music Critiques: The Hip Abduction


A seasoned festival-circuit act, Florida septet, The Hip Abduction, delivers an effervescent synth-driven sound, spiked with a tropical fizz, that aims to uplift anyone’s spirit. Lead vocals are just right but do not dominate, instead allowing each band member to make an impact. The listener is invited to join in on infectious sing-along choruses, especially “Before We Lose Our Mind,” which will motivate any beach party-goer to kick up some sand and “Come Alive!” The synth keyboards provide a swirling modernism that holds sway until the mostly organic arrangement of “Stand Up For Love,” a world-pop tune augmented by an acoustic West African instrument and sweet saxophone. These catchy, feel-good tunes have film/TV possibilities.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: thehipabduction.com
Seeking: Label
Style: Indie/Rock, Reggae

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