Skytailor - new music critique review

New Music Critique: Skytailor

Musicianship 7

Confident, clever and compelling, duo Skytailor have an alluring sound graced by androgynous lead vocals that are absolutely distinctive and make an impression among the ambitious arrangements, all of which feature clubby 4/4 excursions mixed and matched with ambient soundscapes. The centerpiece of “Keys of Ivory” is a delicate, hooky piano melody amid a lonely universe. At 8 minutes in length, the song is engaging almost to the end. (We’d trim down the finale.) The shimmering synths of “Wide Eyes” and its dramatic vitality would work well at a rave. “Tonight” is a brisk tribute to the “city of light,” painting an aural portrait that glides aloft. Skytailor know their sound, their genre and how to hook their audience.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV, Dist.
Style: Vocal Trance

Skytailor - "Tonight"

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