New Music Critique: Renée Ruth    

Renée Ruth    
Contact: [email protected]

Web: reneeruth.bandcamp.com

Seeking: Label, Booking/Touring, Film/TV
Style: Cinematic Pop

Artist Renée Ruth sings with an aching, heart-tugging energy, and on “We Are One” she delivers a song that glows with an Enya-like quality, delivering lots of elegant strings, appealing vocal harmony blends, bold drum beats, and effective countermelodies that keep the ear engaged.  She shifts to mainstream pop with her song “Lose My Breath,” whose drum machine sets the pace for a dance/Latin rhythm vitality (“Can you feel it now!”), all of it benefiting from an excellent sound mix. Ruth adds her name to a long list of artists who have covered Radiohead’s “Creep,” bringing to it a complex, elegant neo-classical shine that distinguishes her version from a host of lesser tries at the modern classic.