New Music Critique: Reign of the Hated


Reign of the Hated
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Label, Booking
Style: Hard Rock/Metal

NJ-based duo Reign of the Hated have catchy songs (like the mournful, ‘90s fueled “Manic Psychosis”) that angsty junior-high kids might enjoy. But that song and the others are undermined by poor bedroom-recording sound quality. Next, “There For You” is musically more accessible, but is brought down by the vocals: the singer seems scared to hear his own voice. If that’s the case, why not just continue the whisper/scream method? The call-and-response from angsty singer to screamer moment has some musicianship to it, but it’s so damn flat. “Obsessive” has a nice theme at its core, but is brought down by the worst production of the three. We urge this act to raise their production skills or find a producer.