New Music Critique: Raphael Fimm


Raphael Fimm
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Fim/TV, Label, Distribution
Style: Soundtrack, Film Music

Soundtrack composer Raphael Fimm knows his stuff, crafting pieces that are pristine, professional, transporting. That describes “Magic Kingdom,” which with its gentle, idyllic flute, its strings and horns that swell and rise, emit a full Disney sheen. This concise piece paints a picture of wonder. And if you want music that conjures Drama, Love, Fantasy, Horror, Documentary, Fimm has an array of themes, such as “Grenzerfhrugen,” with its calming piano, its soothing strains. Short but intriguing, “Prolog” features a repeating piano figure that shifts things to an expectant, overcast mood to prepare the listener for something perhaps more serious and dramatic to occur. Quality stuff.