New Music Critique: LaQuinn

Set to a simple, slinky keyboard riff, LaQuinn Gilmore testifies with an earnest passion about the “Paradise” he sees in his chosen woman. The artist reports on his vividly anatomical sexploits in “Wendy Williams...” which is almost a play-by-play description of a celeb-booty sexperience. In “Iffy Love” LaQuinn creates a swirling repetition that conveys the artist’s frustration bordering on hysteria when it comes to a personal relationship. We like LaQuinn’s voice, but there’s a level of distortion in the mixes here that do battle with his flow. In fact, though the production quality is pretty decent, and offers up some cool sounds, there’s room for more finesse to make these joints pop without forfeiting their alternative cred.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: laquinn.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Alternative Rap