Jackie Venson

New Music Critique: Jackie Venson


Singer-guitarist Jackie Venson shows flashes of potential on her demo-quality recordings, whether it’s her (at times) souful, upbeat voice, her heartfelt messages or her flashes of guitar skills. Studio recording “Flying” is a humanistic jingle (“will you catch me when I fall?”) that’s spiced with infectiously funky guitar chords and a brief, all-over-the-neck solo that enticed us to want more of her musicianship. But though her live recordings “Fight” and “Transcends” deliver classic blues-rock riffs and guitar-hero tones, these performances sound lightweight and poorly mixed. Venson has an appealing vibe, but her material (particularly the awkward, clichéd lyrics) need to improve.

Contact: management@jackievenson.com
Web: jackievenson.com
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV, Major Festivals
Style: R&B, Pop