New Music Critique: Krohn McHenry


Contact: [email protected]
Web: bandcamp.com
Seeking: Label, Film/TV, Mgmt.
Style: Ambient Instrumental

Krohn McHenry’s music is ideal for meditators and headspace apps. What’s most impressive is the finesse he shows when morphing from mood to mood. Nothing is ever abrupt or jarring. For example, “Ascension” delivers the expected swells, swirls and flotation, but then it gently infuses the air with propulsive electronics. Next, with atmospheric synth-horns, “Ritual” conjures an earthbound environment that’s eerie and mysterious, introducing tablas, hard drums and sitar for a somewhat dance-y second half. “The Gathering,” however, features a harsh cacophony of electro noise that becomes a sort of chugging engine of yore. The Gulfport, MS-based McHenry’s work is well worth a listen.