New Music Critique: Josy B


Josy B   
[email protected]

Web: josybofficial.com

Seeking: Distribution, Film/TV, Licensing
Style: R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop

If you like R&B pop with a subtle hip-hop glaze, check out Josy B, whose production, from its sometimes risky choices to its successful execution, is a pleasure. And she shows lots of edgy personality in her vocals, as in the smoldering, underwater vibe of “Crybaby,” which brims with spit and sass: “You’re the one beggin’, like a fucking crybaby!”  The song is seasoned with cool-sounding bells, synth swells, and tinny 808 drums, not to mention ghostly whispers. The downtempo yet upbeat “xx bad” has a dancey beat, an FX’d vocal and a toy piano part.  Catchiest of all, and the one that really shows off this artist’s vocal appeal and arrangement ingenuity, is “btw.” It all adds up to music with solid commercial appeal.