New Music Critique: Hazelord     


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Seeking: Label, Booking
Style: Alt-Rock

The first thing that strikes us about this band is how tight and solid they are. And the downstroking buzzsaw they generate is well-captured by crisp, clean production. The second thing, though, is how, um,...eccentric the singer is. On “Freckles” and “Glasshead” his voice is all over the place––except in key. And yet... Obviously fueled by a punk rock spirit, this frontman’s shrill moments begin to make some sense, and by the time we hear “Restless,” we’re not only intrigued by his French accent, but also impressed by his daring attempts to reach for high notes with a manic, go-for-broke attitude. There’s lots of work still to do here, though. We advise the band to inject dynamic shifts in their music and to make the songs shorter.