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New Music Critique: Future Thieves

Vocals 8

Future Thieves is an extremely viable unit that, thanks to quality material, tight musicianship and a compelling vocalist, deserves label attention. Our intro to the band was through two live recordings: “Ghosts” featured the band’s jangly guitar signature and Elliot Collette’s husky authoritative rasp. The song’s hook sneaks up on you and (despite overheated cymbals) proves an ultimate winner. On the harmonic and sweetly sombre “Horizon Line,” the band’s alt-country tendencies rise and shine. “Nightmares,” a moody studio recording, revels in shimmering guitar tones complemented by a throbbing, percolating bass. This sounds to us like a band that’s ready for serious industry attention.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: futurethievesmusic.com
Seeking: Label
Style: Alternative Rock

Future Thieves - "Ghosts"

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