DeepTouchSA music review

New Music Critique: DeepTouchSA


South African producer/DJ DeepTouchSA has a gift for arrangements that build and blossom in unexpected ways. “My Roots” is typical of his work, starting with a minimalistic vibe that adds new sounds and textures every 16 bars––the perfect music for an art gallery or retail outlet. “Soulful Deep in Me” is impressive for how he incorporates atonal elements in his wind- up/wind-down scheme. The artist’s film soundtrack potential is evident in “Dukes of Hangaart” whose clanking distortions exude a primitive cool; it’s as if the artist is a sonic sculptor making music from rusty, found objects. Considering how each track clocks in at 6+ minutes, he might want to make trimmed-down versions available.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Soulful Deep House

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