New Music Critique: Co Co Jones       

Co Co Jones       
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: R&B, Soul

Atlanta’s Co Co Jones delivers an intriguing brand of R&B/Soul, with one foot firmly in the funky past. That describes “Let Me,” a super-slow motion, altogether sexy and seductive song spiced with retro high-pitch synth horns that flirt with sour notes as Jones’ voice hits us like a dead-ringer for Beyoncé. It’s weirdly wonderful.  “No Ordinary” shifts gears to a breezy party-starter that’s peppered with vintage sounds (such as a huge retro drum-machine) that Jones raps on excellently. The energy gets even better on “Sugar Honey Ice Tea,” with Jones’ shouts of encouragement: “This is for my girls!... Go girl, you are the shiiiiit!” Backup singers add lots to these recordings, but we urge Jones to put herself front and center in the mixes.