New Music Critique: Carson Hay


Carson Hay
Contact: [email protected]

Web: carsonhay.com

Seeking: Label, Radio, Film/TV
Style: Modern Country

Singer-songwriter Carson Hay’s recordings sound mostly demo-quality, giving no help to his voice, which has a natural Americana edge that could be enhanced. Accompanied by acoustic guitar and fiddle, his basic vocals do little to help a song that flatlines by the last note. Hay’s vocals sound especially demo quality on “Lipstick & Whiskey.” And though we really like the lyrics “She tastes like lipstick and whiskey every time she kissed me,” the line is repeated so much it gets tired by tune’s end. And though the recording has a full band, it comes off somehow empty. “Comes and Goes” has an interesting bridge with a solid piano solo, but Hay is not singing on key.  We urge him to get with a talented producer.