New Music Critique: Arch Echo


Contact: [email protected]
Web: archecho.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Progressive Metal

Displaying a precision fueled by passion, Arch Echo is an instrumental prog combo that fires on all cylinders and in all departments. They must be dazzling to witness in person. On record, their song structures (quiet-loud-quiet) enable the band to excel both as individuals and as a unit. The fluid, harmonic fretwork is something to behold, and the drummer’s double-kick blasts and super-tight snare work are impressive. Most commercially accessible song? That would be “Leonessa,” whose relaxing, seemingly simple vibe actually masks a subtle undercurrent of virtuosity. If you dig Dream Theater and Satriani, if you revel in cascades of melodic notes, you’ll want to check out this Nashville unit.