nana app

nana App Brings Together Music Creators Worldwide

A smartphone app called "nana" provides a new way music creators can express themselves with music and connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. From beginners to professionals, nana is a borderless music social platform for all music creators. The app is used in 113 countries and has over 3 million registered users. With this app, users can record music and vocals, as well as overdubs and effects, and post and share your songs just using a smartphone. A special feature allows users to not only record his or herself, it also has an overdub feature which allows users to sing along and record with people all over the world to add multiple layers to any sound.

More than 2 million songs are posted by users every month. Currently Japanese users account for about 60%, while 40% are overseas users. The company is optimistic that the user ratio will change soon, as it has been growing very rapidly. And since overseas users are increasing, the company decided to expand globally, with a focus on the U.S.

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