Naked Giants at the Resident in Los Angeles, CA - photo credit: Marly Ludwig

Naked Giants at the Resident in Los Angeles, CA

Naked Giants played a gig at the Resident in Los Angeles, CA and proved that the sound of young punk rock is revitalized and thriving--their sound being completely central and distinct to themselves.

What’s hard about punk, or rather, loud music in general, is that a band could always play the genre, but the real challenge is playing it well. Musicians try to emulate the Ramones, the Clash or Misfits, but it’s nearly impossible to do successfully because those bands had a sound entirely unique to themselves. Naked Giants achieve this sensibility.

The three-piece Seattle-based band probably has the best stage presence ever seen in a band just starting out. With an established band personality, the three complement each other really well and have an individualized way of performing that effectively brings them together.

Other than some out of place mic delay from the front of house, Naked Giants delivered a wild and technically satisfactory performance with notable tracks including “Pyramids,” “Twist” and “Ya Ya.”

While they are accomplished in their sound and stage presence, they also derive a lot of success from their charisma and redundant enthusiasm about being from Seattle.

Refreshing and unlike many drummers, Henry LaVallee didn’t remain stationary to his kit the whole time, getting up several times to dance and feel the tasty guitar licks and bass riffs that fellow band mates, Grant Mullen and Gianni Aiello, were playing.

In another life, the members of Naked Giants were probably in a traveling theatre troupe--their on-stage personas were truly enthralling and made the show complete.

Text by Whitney Levine | Photos by Marly Ludwig

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