Musicians made $16.4M in commission-free sales through their websites powered by Bandzoogle in 2023

Music website platform Bandzoogle announced that in 2023 musicians made over $16.4M in commission-free revenue using the platform’s direct-to-fan sales tools. This represents an increase in sales made directly by musicians of 21% from 2022.

One of our main goals is to help make it easier for musicians to make money from their music by selling direct to their fans,” says Stacey Bedford, Bandzoogle CEO. “Seeing our members make over $16.4M in sales through their websites last year, all commission-free, is truly rewarding for our whole team.” 

Breaking down the numbers, musicians sold over $8.8M in merch, including apparel, CDs, and vinyl. Digital music also continued to bring in significant revenue for musicians, with over $1.7M in commission-free sales in 2023, an increase of 28% from the year before.

Ticket sales saw the biggest increase year over year, with Bandzoogle members selling $4.1M worth of tickets for events in 2023, a 102% increase from 2022. 

It’s clear that last year musicians took advantage of having the ability to sell tickets to events directly to their fans, with no commission taken, and no hidden fees,” continues Bedford. “It’s another example of how savvy musicians can use our built-in tools to keep more of their hard-earned money while moving their careers forward.”

With fan engagement as a core strategy for musicians to generate revenue from their music online, Bandzoogle’s built-in fan subscription feature was another source of significant income for many artists, generating over $800,000 in 2023. The virtual tip jar was another popular way for fans to support their favorite artists, with nearly $1M in donations going directly to Bandzoogle members via their website tip jars.

Acquired by independent music distributor DistroKid in September 2023 and now in its 21st year of operations, Bandzoogle powers over 65,000 websites for musicians, who have sold more than $121 million in music and merch, all commission-free, through the platform. Bandzoogle recently added a new EPK plan for artists. This new, affordable plan allows artists to create a stunning single-page electronic press kit in minutes.

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