Get Your Music Video in Over 12,000 Walmart Locations

MusicOpps.com is pitching select, high-quality independent music videos to be placed with Walmart and Sam's Club as in-store entertainment. Music videos will be spun in the Electronics, TV, Movie/DVD and Entertainment department in 12,000 outlets. Music videos will rotate across North American retail locations and may be seen in as many as 28 other countries that serve as part of Walmart's international locations. Content providers, alongside Music Opps, includes Sony, Universal, Warner, BMG, Big Machine and various independent labels.

Videos must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in television programming. Artists must own all copyrights - please no uncleared samples or covers.

Genres Accepted include Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Indie/Progressive Rock, Christian, Country, Dance, Pop, R&B, clean Hip-Hop/Rap, Folk, Americana and all Family Friendly content. Color and Black and White accepted. Animated videos accepted that showcase vibrant colors. 

Submission Requirements:
- A YouTubeVimeo or DTube link to your music video (for producers to stream).
-An HD Quality file of your video for FTP upload (if selected by producers for broadcast).

Note: If the video is available in 4K resolution, please mention it in the 'notes' section of the official submission form. 4K is not mandatory but is always preferable in broadcast locations.

Submission fee: $20.00 per video

To submit, visit musicopps.com/2018/04/opp-walmart-music-video-rotation.html