Celebrate Women's History Month with DW

Did you know women drummers have had a presence in pop music since the 1930s?

Viola Smith had a big band breakthrough with the 1940s NBC Symphony Orchestra and later toured with the vocalist Ella Fitzgerald. In the same period, swing drummer Pauline Braddy toured the USO with the International Sweethearts of Rhythm. Another name is celebrated vocalist Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters, who took lessons from her mid-teens and always considered herself a “drummer who sang.”

The current roster of DW artists boasts legendary names like Sheila E., Gina Schock, and Cindy Blackman-Santana, who have pushed the craft forward with creativity, courage, and grit. In addition to these legendary women, DW is proud to be endorsed by a new league of female drummers and percussionists who carry the mantle for the generation behind them.

DW is honored to be The Drummer’s Choice™ for all players everywhere and invite you to learn about our full roster of inspiring women.

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