Music Needed For Psychological Horror Feature

A Canadian-based production company is seeking seeking a score composer and/or music to license for an indie psychological horror feature film.

Synopsis: Jake has just turned 35. He has a high paying job, a beautiful wife and 2 healthy children that he loves. Life is perfect until the day that he begins having strange blackouts and his whole world turns brutally mad. As the blackouts get longer and longer, Jake begins to question which is reality.

Seeking suspense cues and chase music. Also seeking slow, brooding background cues - think eerie, creepy, horrifying, etc.
Pop/dance/EDM music (with or without vocals is OK) is also needed for a few club scenes.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Negotiable (low budget); Additional composer fees may be negotiated in the event of a distribution deal or if other commercial opportunities are presented for the film as the film may be entered into the film festival circuit.
Deadline: Nov. 1, unless selected before this date and the job is closed earlier.