Music Needed For Indie Horror Film

An NY-based filmmaker seeks composer and/or music immediately for an indie horror feature film.

Synopsis: Six college friends venture into the forest of upstate New York to debunk a centuries old myth of a creature that devours it's victims whole. Nothing but licked clean, white bones remain according to local folklore. The friends soon learn that it may not be a supernatural creature causing the carnage... it just may be the locals themselves.

Seeking typical horror music, think suspense, intensity, terror, horrifying, etc.

Also seeking "twangy" bluegrass type music for certain scenes with the locals.

Composer and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Low budget project (Negotiable); Additional fees may be negotiated in the event of a distribution deal or if other commercial opportunities are presented for the film.

Submit at filmmusic.net/job-details/FMN-Job-6061---Composer-Music-Needed-Immediately-For-Indie-Horror-Film-1861.html