Muller Charity Tour Combines Music and Philanthropy

Pete Muller

Singer/songwriter, pianist and philanthropist Pete Muller will join music and philanthropy together with his third album, Two Truths and a Lie, which comes out Oct. 23. Muller has committed the sale of each album to charity: water, an organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to developing nations.

Muller will kick off his Two Truths and A Lie tour on Oct. 22, partnering with a different philanthropic organization in each city. Charities include The Robin Hood Foundation in New York City, A Leg To Stand On in Chicago, Berklee College of Music’s City Music, AMP UP programs in Boston, Room to Read in Oakland, CA and MOXI, the new Museum of Exploration and Innovation in Santa Barbara.

In addition, Muller is leading an innovative Facebook campaign challenging friends with a goal to raise up to $50,000 with 5,000 Facebook shares. #2TruthsAndALie is a social media game designed for friends to challenge their knowledge of one another while raising money for charity: water. For every person who shares Muller’s original post and challenges at least one other friend to guess a lie out of #2TruthsAndALie, Pete Muller will donate $10 to the organization. The artist notes, “It’s unfathomable for most of us to live without clean water, but that is a reality for many across the globe. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. If I can bring more awareness to this cause with my music, it’s a win all around.”

Produced by Rick DePofi, whose credits include Rosanne Cash’s Grammy-winning The River & The Thread, Two Truths and a Lie is filled with intimate songs. Muller is joined on the recording by his long-standing trio members Skip Ward on bass and Kyle Rowland on drums. A number of other well-known players, including trombonist Walter Hawkes, make cameo appearances.

While he was achieving Wall Street success as a pioneer in “quant” investing, Muller was also singing his songs to tough-hearted New York City subway audiences. Muller says, “The best thing about working on Wall Street was that it challenged me to be the best I could be. When I perform I am looking for a similar challenge.” That philosophy translates to the album and benefit tour. He adds, “I love the passion and joy I feel when I am playing and I want to touch as many people with that joy as I can. If I can also help promote and raise money for these fantastic organizations, that makes it even better.”

For more information, visit petemuller.com.