Moxy Brothers

Moxy Brothers Extend Deadline to Find Song with Most Moxy

Long Beach-based musicians turned producers Adrian Young (No Doubt) and Todd Forman (Sublime) have officially announced their newest adventure—Moxy Brothers. This team offers full-service music production including engineering, songwriting and performance.

To kick things off, the Moxy Brothers announced a competition to find a brand new song with the most "Moxy." Fans can enter the competition by sending their song in .mp3 format, along with their Instagram handle and hometown to [email protected]. The submission deadline has been extended to Nov. 26. Adrian and Todd will choose the one song they feel has the most "Moxy"—the tune with the best combination of song, story and vibe will stand out.

The chosen artist will get the full Moxy Brothers treatment as Adrian and Todd will assist in all aspects of music production including composition, arrangement and recording to bring the winning composition to its full potential. Moxy Brothers will handle pre-production and bed tracks in their Ruby Red Room studio before heading to the winner's hometown with their mobile UA recording gear.  Additionally, the winner will walk away with his or her own Apollo X4 desktop interface.

Both Adrian and Todd played a fundamental role in the Southern California music scene since the 1980s while being part of multi-platinum and genre-melding iconic bands. Their musical paths crossed countless times over the years and their unwavering friendship and passion for music have inspired the Moxy Brothers production team.

Moxy Brothers infuse their productions with diverse tones and encyclopedic references from New Wave to Pop, Alternative to Punk, Metal to Blues, and Ska to Reggae.