MONO at the Regent in Downtown Los Angeles

MONO is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a world tour that took them to a packed Regent in DTLA this past Saturday. Amid their anniversary, they were also presenting their latest album, Nowhere Now Here, which they played almost in its entirety. The show, much like their music, was nothing short of sublime.

Nowhere Now Here is their 10th release and it stays faithful to MONO’s signature emotionally-drenched post-rock sound. The Japanese quartet was backed by The Worldless Orchestra, a 10-piece string ensemble that added those classical arrangements that are part of MONO’s musical world. The Regent’s stage felt a bit claustrophobic for such a big set up, but in a weird way, it perfectly complimented MONO’s music and the intensity of their performance’s raw power.

During the set, they sprinkled a handful of older tracks. "Death In Rebirth," "Dream Odyssey," "Halcyon" and "Ashes In The Snow" appeared intersected in between the songs from Nowhere Now Here. They reserved another older track,  "L’America," for the encore. MONO’s songs have a lush atmospheric beauty while continually building tension, always climaxing in a whirlpool of fury and deeply sincere emotions. They take simple melodic ideas and push them to their limits, creating deep, revealing music where chaos and beauty meet each other.

It was an amazing experience from this formidable Japanese band. After 20 years together and 10 albums later, MONO continues to make gorgeous heartfelt music and share it with the world, and for that, we should all be grateful. Thank you, MONO.