moises.ai App Offers Free Access to Hit Like a Girl Contestants

Used by professionals, recreational players and students, the advanced moises.ai app is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for modern musicians. For drummers, the app allows them to isolate, slow-down and loop an original drum track to correctly learn the parts and then remove the original drum track from the mix to create pro-quality, drumless backing tracks from virtually any song.

To support players entering this year’s world-renowned Hit Like A Girl contest, the software developer and the contest have teamed up to offer contestants free, 30-day Moises memberships so they can use the app to upgrade their entries at no cost.

In addition, any drummer who enters the contest with a backing track created using Moises will be automatically eligible a secondary, “Mini-Contest” for a chance to win additional prizes.

Visit moises.ai to sign-up for a Moises.ai membership and get the first 30-days free.

Entry for the 2023 Hit Like A Girl contest opens on March 1, 2023. Visit hitlikeagirlcontest.com for complete information on dates, judges, sponsors, prizes and more.